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Arlington Fencers' Club
Providing opportunities in Arlington Virginia
     for learning and growing in the sport of fencing.

Serving Arlington and Northern Virginia

Welcome!  Arlington Fencers' Club is dedicated to the study of fencing and expanding the sport’s recreational practice and competition opportunities in Arlington.

Young and old, experienced and beginner, if you want to fence, let's do it.

Our Fencing program is led by a team of top coaches including a World Champion and Olympic Medalist.

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 Learn the modern Olympic sport of sword play in a fun friendly environment.  Click for intro Class information.

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    Arlington Fencers Club is 501(c)(3) 'public charity' incorporated 2011 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Help support the club by donating.  We provide free or reduced cost programs to many kids. Most of our after school programs lose money - Please help us keep them going. Donations are tax-deductable.


    * Founded April 2011 -  we have deep roots in Arlington, and we lay claim to the legacy of our old clubs, Arlington's own Fred Appel fencing club (Olympic fencing), and DiGrasse’s School of Fence. Arlington has an ancient if uneasy association with sabers in particular. .



Best wishes to Coach Matt as he studies to complete his college degree at VCU in Richmond!